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The Vocational Training Centre (VTC) was established by Freight Forwarders Association of the Russian Federation. It was registered in the Uniform State Register on the state registration 1027739760400, December 11, 2002, as Non-state Educational Institution «Vocational Training Centre of Freight Forwarders Association of the Russian Federation» (VTC FAR). The Vocational Training Centre has the license for educational activities by the Department of Education of the Moscow city Government (the license without restriction of validity period, registration No 030040, January 23, 2012). In accordance with this license VTC FAR performs educational activities on advanced to higher vocational education with the regulatory development period from 72 to 500 hours. VTC FAR has the right to issue the relevant ertificates of completion of courses (seminars), training for the following educational programs: International freight forwarding; Transport aspects of foreign trade contract; Chartering in freight forwarding activities; Logistics of foreign transport operations; Customs clearance of cargoes. VTC FAR is accredited by the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) as a unique vocational training centre of excellence in the Russian Federation for issue FIATA diploma on completion of the special course International freight forwarding. The course is designed according to the minimum requirements of the FIATA vocational training for international freight forwarders.

The program of the course, according to the minimum requirements of FIATA, has submitted by VTC FAR for approval to the Consultative Council of vocational training ABVT FIATA (Zurich, Switzerland) for a new term of 4 years and March 17, 2010 the relevant Certificate of approval was received.

On completion of this course, listeners are given a certificate of VTC FAR, after testing for the FIATA diploma on conformity to requirements of international standard to the profession of the freight forwarder. Based on the results of testing VTC FAR encourages the listener (taking into account the experience in the forwarding business) for obtaining the diploma of FIATA. The relevant listener documents are sent to FIATA (Zurich, Switzerland. Finally, the FIATA Diploma approved by the ABVT FIATA, is handed over to the listener at VTC FAR.

The new program Higher Diploma FIATA Supply Chain Management was presented by VTC FAR for approval to the Consultative Council of vocational training ABVT FIATA and 10/10/2012 in Los Angeles, on the FIATA WorldCongress 2012 the relevant Certificate of approval wasreceived.

By arrangement with the national freight forwarding associations of other States, which do not have their own training institutes, VTC FAR, on completion of the training program, may recommend the members of these associations to the FIATA diploma in freight forwarding. Classes are conducted by highly qualified specialists of the Moscow State Institute of international relations, foreign trade Academy, Academy of water transport, the Moscow automobile and road State Technical University (MADI), Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, JSC "Russian railways", the leading freight forwarders and logistics companies. Key Managers and staff of companies of association members, as well as organizations outside the FAR and individuals professionally involved with the freight forwarding industry are trained at VTC FAR. If necessary, by agreement with the customer, VTC FARlecturers are conducting outside courses (seminars).

Contact us for more information and applications for training:

Russia, 127473, Moscow, Seleznevskaya str., 11A, bldg. 1, 2nd floor, of. 217

Phones: +7 (495) 925-30-23

E-mail: info@expeditor.org


Director: Sitkov Yury;

Depute Director: Backaev Serghey;

Accountant: Stupnikova Tatyana